Building control and Part P

Part P concerns electrical safety within your home or flat, and says that electrical work must be completed by a competent person and they must be completed to the latest standards stated in the Electrical Regulations and other appropriate documents. They apply to most electrical work completed within your home, garden and outbuildings.

One of the underlying principles of Part P, is that the local Building Control Officer must be informed of the works. This is a legal requirement and failure to comply will result in the Building Control Officer insisting that faulty works are put right, without the proper certification you may have problems selling your home and could even result in a fine.

If you want to discuss Part P and how it affects you, please feel free to give me a call, or you can view the Approved Documents at:

There are two routes to complying with Part P

Notification to the Local Building Control Officer 30 days prior to starting the works, then after the works are completed he will need to be copied with appropriate certificates.

An electrician who is registered with such a scheme, has their work inspected annually to ensure it complies with all the appropriate standards. They will also notify building control on your behalf that job has been completed.

What is Elecsa

ELECSA provides inspection, assessment and certification services to contractors working with electrical and renewable technology installations in private dwellings. ELECSA is authorised by government to deliver the following schemes:

•Part P for those contractors working with electrical installations in private dwellings

•Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) for those contractors installing renewable technologies

Should you want to know any more about ELECSA
Tel: 03333 218 220

ELECSA is a competent person scheme run by electricians for the electrical industry and insulates the general public from rogue traders and cowboy workmanship. Our mission is to maintain and promote the best industry practice that underlines the integrity of the safety-critical work that our approved contractors carry out on behalf of their customers every day. More than 75% of our contractors are small, independent electrical contractors who form part of the backbone of the UK economy, so it is vital that they gain the confidence and the trust of the UK’s 60 million householders whose safety depends upon their quality workmanship.

ELECSA runs one of the fastest growing Competent Persons Schemes (CPS) in the UK and is a significant point of contact for any householder who is planning to undertake major electrical work in their homes or gardens.